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Learn How to Fight Back Against the Portals

The EMS iMenu system is simple and easy to use. Our online ordering platform is designed to put customer information in your hands and give operators the tools to fight back against other Portals.

Our platforms are customized to integrate with your existing website; seamlessly merging with your brand to enhance the customer’s experience.

By utilizing special offers, first time discounts and loyalty programs, restaurateurs using EMS iMenu online and mobile ordering solution have been able to attract their customers back to their own websites and away from the portals. Review these training videos to learn how easy it is to manage the system to its fullest potential.

Helping restaurants build their online business and brand and defeat the other portals is one of EMS iMenu’s missions. With 30 years of real time experience and live restaurants implementing solutions that work, the EMS iMenu application when utilized properly is a very powerful tool for any restaurant.

Bringing Restaurants Online is our mission!

The EMS iMenu platform is a robust, intuitive, feature-rich and affordable solution. Started by a fellow restaurateur (with over 15 locations and 30 years in the industry), who understands the operational issues that owners face every day. Due to this unique perspective, the EMS iMenu team is able to create solutions that work. EMS iMenu also recognizes the challenges restaurants face from Portals and has been able to design solutions that enhance the user’s experience and drive customers back to the restaurant’s website.

Utilizing our technology enables our clients to increase revenue from new and exciting sources. Our platforms are on the cutting edge and we are continually improving our product to service our global team of clients that spans over forty-five States and twelve different Countries. For larger players, EMS iMenu is able to license its software, affording companies access to a solution that is extremely reliable and dynamic; reducing the time and costs that would be required to develop independently.

Our clients, with just one location or those with over one hundred are comfortable knowing that they are working with leaders in the industry. Leveraging the EMS iMenu technology improves the customer’s experience and in the process makes operations more efficient and profitable

Below are features in which we offer within our EMS iMenu

  • Multiple Order Receipt options and back-ups (POS, TAP, Application, Email, Printer Program) ensure that restaurants receive their orders and as quickly as possible.
  • If your Internet fails, our TAP (Tablet) system still works by connecting to a hot spot and ensures online ordering never has to close.
  • Order counter restarts from 1 every day. This way, Operators know which order to make next and if an order is missing.
  • EMS iMenu offers a free app that gives any restaurant employee the ability to see orders as they come in.
  • Closing and Opening the restaurant is easy to do from the Tablet or Admin panel. Anytime the platform is closed before normal hours, an alert email is sent to the Owner.
  • EMS iMenu allows operators to choose the user interface that best suits their menu.
  • A discount can be given based on payment type. Want more customers to pay by cash? The EMS iMenu system is dynamic enough to allow this to occur.
  • If you create a special coupon code for an advertising campaign, you can easily track how often it was used by accessing our reporting tool.
  • Multiple Delivery Zones can be set up easily (either by radius or specific streets) giving you the ability to charge different prices depending on the Customer’s address.
  • From our Reports section, you will have access to all of your Customer data including their email addresses!
  • See who your best customers are, when they ordered last and how much they spend.

EMS iMenu is a feature rich system that give merchants control of their ordering platform. 

Combined with our EMS Web Services, it’s the perfect solution for your restaurant services and customer relationship.  The simplest and most cost effective online ordering solution available for restaurants. All we need is your menu and we will build out an effective ordering platform that will modernize how you take orders. Motivate and retain your patrons with automated loyalty and eCoupon capabilities. Receive orders in your restaurant via computer, FAX, email, or text message.

What is EMS iMenu Tap?

EMS iMenu’s latest offering is the TAP. This Tablet/Wi-Fi printer combination allows online orders to come to the restaurant seamlessly. Even when the internet fails, the TAP can function.

The TAP has many additional features that will allow operators to better manage their business. Please see below for examples of this amazing devices functionality. If you currently are not using the TAP, please consider doing so. This small investment in our latest technology will undoubtedly improve operations and your customers experiences.